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High Precision Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder

This NS-NF1A Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder adopt high precision fiber optic gyroscope and quartz accelerometer as the core components;
mainly composed of inertial measurement unit, data acquisition and processing unit...
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1.Product description:

The fiber optic gyro and the quartz accelerometer are respectively installed on the slewing mechanism, and the component of the ground speed of the fiber gyro sensitive slewing mechanism in different directions is used in the horizontal direction; the accelerometer is used to sense the gravity component in the horizontal direction, thereby measuring the inclination angle of the rotating surface. . Use the above measurement results to perform the north seeking solution.


2. Product features:

In order to realize the northward position, the gyroscope needs to be indexed at four positions. The difference between each two positions is 90°. The indexing accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the north finder. In the design, the single-chip microcomputer is used to control the stepping motor to realize the index. Stepping motor indexing implements 128-bit subdivision to ensure indexing accuracy.

The structural design fully meets the waterproof requirements in the filter technology requirements. The product is in the form of a fully sealed structure. The connector is made of waterproof type, and the cover and the base are sealed with a rubber ring to achieve waterproof requirements.

In the structural design, the requirements of small filter volume and light weight are fully considered. When the structure is designed, the symmetrical structure is adopted for the rotating body, which ensures the requirement of the northward precision of the deformation after a long time.


It is an all-solid-state device, has no mechanical active parts, no physical phase interface, can be made very strong; can withstand strong vibration, shock and overload acceleration, and has strong environmental adaptability; in practical applications, the peripheral circuit is simple; the dynamic range is wide (>100s); fast response time (<1ms); fast start-up, low power consumption, low weight; long working life and long shelf life; potential low cost (because components can be mass-produced) high-tech process can reduce the impact of temperature on the gyroscope.


Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder works reliably all day, without the need for an external working environment, such as the Earth's magnetic field, terrain and climate, without the need for any environment to achieve independent north-seeking function under the inertia of positional information, and to measure the local geographic location. . Especially when combined with high-tech such as GPS, its performance will be further improved.

In the military, northern detectors can be used for missiles, radar, artillery, torpedoes and flights. Machines, ships, vehicles, etc. provide azimuth references; the Fiber Optic Gyro North Seeker can withstand greater vibration and shock than traditional northern discoverers. With the improvement of fiber optic gyro technology and rapid response, the high-precision fiber optic gyro north finder will meet the requirements of harsh environments. It is the leading equipment for military northern detectors.

In civilian use, the northern part of the instrument can be used for tunnel construction, mining and the Earth. Providing accurate azimuth references in measurement and other engineering plays an important role.

 5. Product parameters:

Parameters                         NS-NF1A
Outline dimension (mm)248×248×180(It can be customized to customer requirement)
Weight (Kg)20Kg
Power supplyAC220V, 50Hz/AC110V, 60Hz/DC18V~36V
Power consumption≤50W
Start time3min
North seeking precision0.02°secψ
North seeking time5min
Roll pitch accuracy0.02°
Heading measurement range0°~360°
Roll pitch measurement range-65°~+65°
Positional accuracy0.8nm/h
Display modeLCD display, attitude and position information can be shown.
Output modeRS422 serial interface, it can be customized to customer
Working temperature-40℃~+60℃
Vibration environment20Hz~2000Hz, 6.06g
Impact environment8ms~11ms, 30g

**Remark: Function is optional to customer request.

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