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Medium Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Medium Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope

The structure is integrated with the optical system;
the performance is stable and reliable;
and the installation is simple;
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NS-FOG70 Fiber optic gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aviation, navigation, aerospace and defense industries. Its development is for a country's industry, defense and other high. The development of science and technology has very important strategic significance.


The fiber optic gyroscope is a sensitive component based on an optical fiber coil, and the light emitted by the laser diode propagates along the optical fiber in two directions. The difference in the light propagation path determines the angular displacement of the sensitive component.

Compared with the traditional mechanical gyroscope, the fiber optic gyroscope has the advantages of all solid state, no rotating parts and friction parts, long life, large dynamic range, instant start, simple structure, small size and light weight. Compared with the laser gyro, the fiber optic gyroscope has no blocking problem, and does not need to accurately process the optical path in the quartz block, and the cost is relatively low.

2. Main Performance Indicators (typical values)

A) Measuring range: ±500 ° / s;

B) Zero bias stability of (1σ) : 0.1 ° / h;

C) Scale factor non-linearity (1σ) : 50ppm;

D) Random walk coefficient: 0.02 (°/√h);

E) Bandth: not less than 400Hz;

F) Power consumption: less than 6W;

G) Working temperature:M1A: -40°C to +60°C;

M2: -55°C to +85°C;


1)Navigation applications

The compass is an important navigation device for ships, mainly including magnetic compass and gyro. With the development of fiber optic gyro technology and the improvement of commercialization level, fiber optic gyroscope has become a new member of marine navigation equipment, and has been applied in commercial and military vessels and marine equipment.

2)Aerospace and space applications

High-precision interference fiber optic gyros are generally used in aerospace and space applications. IFOG is the strapdown inertial navigation system of the main inertial components. It can provide three-dimensional angular velocity, position and angle of attack and side slip angle for the aircraft. It can track and measure the launch of rockets. It can also be used for spacecraft stability, photography/measurement, attitude. Measurement control, motion compensation, EO/FLIR stabilization, navigation and flight control, etc. Among them, the high-precision and high-reliability fiber optic gyroscope and GPS combination attitude has become the typical configuration of spacecraft attitude and attitude systems at home and abroad.

3)Military applications

Fiber optic gyroscopes have a wide range of military applications due to their superiority in angular rate and acceleration measurement and their significant advantages in dynamic range, sensitivity and reliability. It can be used for positioning, orientation and navigation of tanks, submarines, self-propelled artillery and armored assault vehicles. When satellite navigation is unable to obtain accurate information due to strong electronic interference, fiber optic gyroscopes can be used to ensure that the aircraft navigates autonomously, accurately guides and accurately hits the target.

4)Civil applications

In the civilian field, the main focus is on the application of medium and low precision fiber optic gyroscopes. The main applications are: automatic navigation of ground vehicles, positioning and orientation, vehicle control; attitude control of agricultural aircraft, sowing, spraying pesticides, etc.

4.Mechanical Electrical Interface

Table 1 :NS-FOG70 fiber optic gyroscope mechanical and electrical





Mounting hole distance


Mounting Screws


Power Supply

±5V DC (Power Accuracy ±5%, Ripple Less than 30mV)

Output interface

Complies with RS-422 interface standard;


Picture : Structural Outline of NS-FOG70 Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Medium Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope


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