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Xi’An North Star M&C Tech Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009 and specializes in R&D ,Manufacture and Sale of inertial products.
The company has independent R&D center with powerful Technical Reserve and many Invention Patents and Software Copyright Certificates, so we can not only provide Standard Products such as : Land Positioning and Orientating System/Military FOG North Seeker/ Mining FOG North Seeker/North Seeking Gyro for Oil and Gas/Land/Sea/Aircraft INS, but also provide customized solution according to customer requirements .Most importantly ,we can provide some inertial technology transfer for specific clients.
The company is China national High-Tech Enterprise and has manufacture and assembly workshop with GB/T 19001-2006/ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate and the National Military Standard Quality Management System Certificate.

High quality Standardized Products

Our Land Positioning and Orientating Systems, Military/Mining North Finder, Land/Sea/Aircraft INS have been applied by many domestic and overseas customers.

Powerful Technical R & D Capability

Our technical R&D Center can R&D and customize inertial product according to customer request.

Rich Industry Experience

We have a technical, sales, after-sales service team with more than ten years of industry experience, that can meet the customer's complex needs and solve all kinds of difficult problems.

Flexible Customized Technology Solutions

We have provided many customized solutions for customers at home and abroad .At the same time, we have also transfered some technology to specific customer.

High Standard Quality Management System

We have strict quality management system, which can guarantee the stable and reliable quality of all products.

After-Sales Service System

Our after-sales service team can solve various after-sales service problems quickly, timely and accurately through online and E-mail.

Hot Products

Mainly products include Land Positioning and Orientating System, North Seeking Gyro, Military and Mining North Seeker, Land/Sea/Aircraft INS, AHRS; Inertial Sensor: Gyro,Accelerometer.Learn more>>
These products are our best-selling products with stable quality, preferential price, customer's praise If you are interested in these products, please contact us:
Customized Solution Cases
  • 1

    Land Positioning and Orientating System for dynamic and static intial alignment and direction control of radar, antenna, vehicle

  • 2

    Low Cost FOG Mining North Finder

  • 3

    Medium FOG Inertial Navigation

If you need to customize product according to your request, please send the E-mail to us:
Technology transfer
  • 1

    Dynamic North-seeking Technology

  • 2

    High dynamic navigation satellite signal simulation source technology

  • 3

    FM continuous wave radio altimeter technology

If you are interested in these technologies, please send the E-mail to


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